Saturday, April 28, 2012

Child-In-Front Tandem

I started drawing up a new tandem. The tandem takes a captain at the rear and a child stoker at the front. It is meant as a replacement for the stokid python, and should solve one mayor problem: with Vincent in the front we'll be able to watch over him.

The wheelbase will be 1650mm, with 26" rear and 20" front wheel. As a basis I will be using a CrMo mountain bike frame I have lying in my shed. The plan is to cut the frame through in the middle and put the middle part of the tandem in between. As simple as that...

I have a second design I am considering. The stokers handlebar will be attached directly to the fork-stem of the front fork. The advantage would be a simple construction. On the other hand, I'll have to cut handlebar narrow so the stoker won't be able to steer. A drawing of this setup:

Here the steering rod is also moved up. This further simplifies the design, but might annoy if the rod can touch Vincents legs. I'll make some pictures of him cyling the stokid python to see the range his legs and feet have.

I think I like the second design better, may be simply because of the novelty of having a tandem steer.

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